In 2014, Ipsen’s R&D expenditure totaled close to €187 million, representing about 15% of Group sales.

Ipsen’s R&D activities are focused on the discovery and development of new molecules and on programs for the lifecycle management of products already marketed by the group (new formulations, extension of indications and registration of products in new geographical areas).

UroOncology (Prostate Cancer)


The Ipsen MasterSeries is an innovate educational platform that delivers topical, thought-provoking and inspiring content, including:
Head-to-head debates - Leading Australian specialists explore current controversies in uro-oncology
International speaker tours - Visiting experts present their views on current research and discuss advances in uro-oncology
Conference highlights - Selected summaries of the latest research from global and local conferences, including EAU, AUA and more.


Neuroendocrine Tumours & Acromegaly


Assist is a nurse program for patients that have already been prescribed Somatuline Autogel and meet the approved TGA indications. This program is an in-home (or convenient location) injection service for patients on Somatuline, as well as ongoing support. All ASSIST nurses are trained to answer patient queries about the ASSIST program and to provide support during their visits.
Patients are encouraged to contact the ASSIST Nurse Coordinator on the toll-free number 1800 277 774 throughout their treatment if they have any questions about the ASSIST program. The ASSIST Nurse Coordinator is a registered nurse who is available to answer calls during business hours, Monday to Friday (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Australian Eastern Standard Time).
Patients are reminded that the ASSIST program complements but does not replace usual specialist care.




Ipsen offers regular workshops in conjunction with leading Clinicians on the use of Botulinum toxin in the management of post stroke upper limb spasticity.
These workshops are run nationally in small groups and are facilitated by expert Rehabilitation Physicians and highly specialized Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapists. The format consists of formal presentations on spasticity management with some interactive discussions, followed by patient assessment, injection strategy and technique as well as treatment planning.


Updated on 01st May 2015